Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Learning the art of Watercolor

I want to document my watercolor painting journey to keep tabs on how I progress and grow.

While looking into mixed media art I found a lot of artists using watercolors. I never really liked watercolor with all those soft pastels and globs of pigment that was supposed to look like a flower. But, I do enjoy the way pigments move and mingle together. My journey led me to The Frugal Crafter channel by Lindsay Weirich on YouTube. The first video I watched was "Paint a Quick Humming Bird in Watercolors (Quick and Easy)" The beautiful rich colors and a more defined style really caught my eye.

After watching a couple of her videos I decided to try watercolor painting. I was intimidated by the "Humming Bird" video so I chose this one from Lindsay's channel to follow:

The pictures below show my first watercolor and the same one I did a year later. Everyone has to start at somewhere. I admit I was discouraged after the first try but I loved how easy it was to paint with watercolor as in brush, water, paint and paper. No prep work and mixing colors was so much easier than with other mediums. I do have an art background and love color theory but it has been a long time since these skills were used. So, even though I was discouraged by the artwork the actual process inspired me to keep trying. What a difference a year can make, right?

I will be going into more detail as I go but just like my journey in watercolor, you have to start somewhere, right?

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