Wednesday, June 17, 2015

From Flat to Fabulous Embellishments

Pictured is 1. Gesso 2. Faber-Castell Texture Gems 3. Faber-Castell Gelatos 4. Sponge 5. Ranger Stickles

Here is a quick tutorial using Faber-Castell, Design Memory Craft, Gelatos and Texture Gems. I also used Ranger Stickles and Gesso. You can use this on any type of embellishment like chipboard, wood (which is what I used here) paper and even metal.

  STEP 1. 

Add Gesso to embellishment. 

STEP 2. 

Rub on the Gelatos in your choice of color. I am using Silver Ice from the Manhattan collection. I just rub it on with my finger.

This is a close up of the Silver Ice Gelatos on the wood embellishment. Love that wood grain look. You could stop here if you like but in this tutorial we are going from flat to fabulous.

 Step 3. 

To add Dimension to your embellishment add the Texture Gems. Faber-Castell has made this easy for us. There is a pointed tip on the bottle of Texture Gems so you just Squeeze and go to add lines or dots to your projects. The Texture Gems remains dimensional when dried creating that wonderful raised effect. I also added Ranger Stickles to make is Sparkle! Now we have Fabulous!

You can see the dimension and sparkle here is this close up.

This example shows that you can do just certain parts of your embellishment and they still look fabulous! This is another one I made in the Metallic Icing Gelatos and Pearl Texture Gems and Diamond Stickles. 

Close up of the Metallic Ice Gelatos and Pearl Texture Gems with Diamond Stickles.

I had lots of fun making this tutorial and hope you will have fun taking your embellishments from Flat to Fabulous

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